The goal of the Tulane Center of Excellence in Sex-Based Biology & Medicine (TCESBM), founded in 2021, is to address fundamental issues of sex differences in health and disease, and to rapidly translate sex-related research findings into novel strategies for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of multiple conditions in Louisiana. The Specific Aims of the TCESBM are below.


Create a university-wide center of convergence research that fosters and supports transdisciplinary teams and collaborations, integrating knowledge, methods, and expertise from Tulane’s schools of Medicine, Public Health & Tropical Medicine, Science & Engineering, and Social Work to catalyze scientific discovery and innovation.


Establish an infrastructure to advance the science of SBM through: An Enrichment Program that will provide a foundation for the next generation of scientists and medical students to understand how sex influences biology, health, diseases and medicine, and to learn the methods required to study them. A Pilot Project Program that will provide critical start-up funds to new investigators and multidisciplinary teams to prepare research proposals that will lead to submission of successful individual or program project grant applications.


Recruit new investigators to the field of SBM research by engaging them in the use of TCESBM resources (Enrichment and Pilot Project Program).